Download Google My Tracks: Free Location Tracking App for Android

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Downloading the Google My Tracks app

Today, technology has advanced significantly with GPS systems.

These make it possible to know the location of any person, regardless of their geographical location.

Between the marine GPS and the cardio GPS watch, there are also some for Android.

My Tracks: Free location tracking app

Google My Tracks: Free Positioning Tracking
Google My Tracks: Free Positioning Tracking

In fact, a GPS for Android is a positioning tracking system that can be installed for free on your smartphone. It can be useful to you in several situations; all you have to do is download it. To help you out, here’s how to download Google My Tracks on your Android.

What is Google My Tracks?

Google My Tracks is an application or software that is basically created for the Android system. Precisely, it is merged with the GPS of each Android and promotes the development of a log that describes the different routes of the user. These trips are recorded in detail in Google Docs and can then be shared. The sharing takes place in the form of a geographical map.

In short, remember that Google My Tracks records the status of your journey (speed, altitude, route, distance) using your smartphone’s GPS sensors.

Once you know what My Tracks is all about, you can proceed to the download stage. It is a not very complex stage that you will be able to cross over time. Go to the application on your Android Toy storeand search Google My Tracks.

To do this, type the keyword in the search field and wait a few seconds for your search results to appear. Then choose the best version that suits your needs.

How to use MyTracks?
How to use MyTracks?

Regarding the use of My Tracks, know that there is nothing complicated.

It is actually a matter of having a representation of your journey from Google Maps. To do this, start by activating your GPS.

Then go to start My Tracks and wait for it to identify your location.

As soon as it starts up, press the “Menu” button available on your smartphone. After this action, press “Save route” and the game is finished.

MyTracks benefits

In terms of benefits, you should know that My Tracks software has many of them. First, it is a system that takes into account your different trajectories, regardless of the means of transport (feet, car, bicycle).

It records the distance traveled, the speed you have driven, bumps on the route. My Tracks can also record you while you run or do an outdoor activity.

In addition, during registration you are offered the opportunity to perform certain tasks such as:

  • consultation of your data without delay;
  • introduces changes to your journey.

Second, after recording your route, My Tracks gives you the option to share it with your loved ones. It goes further by allowing you to view your previously shared routes. You can also publish the URLs of these courses on social networks to make them available to a larger number.

Thirdly, My Tracks is beneficial as it allows the user to hear voice messages frequently. In fact, as the user progresses through their journey, ads are available detailing their progress.

On Google Maps, there is a page called “your Google Maps trips” which gives you the chance to see all your trips. Whether it’s routes previously taken or ones that are more recent, you’ll see it all displayed on the page. In fact, there is a location history on the app that reveals the log of your trips. For privacy reasons, only you can see this story.

Google Maps goes further by even allowing you to edit your routes. More conveniently, if you want to see your trip on Google Maps, open the app on your Android.

You can also open it on your computer. In this case, the ideal would be to log in to the access Google account used on your Android. Then click on “Menu” to your left at the top of the screen. Then click on “Your Trips”.

If you are looking for a previous trip, select the corresponding temporary statistic, ie. date, month, year, etc. All this information can be found at the top of your screen.

What should I remember from the applications my free courses?

There are many my trails apps that you can download for free. You have, among other things, “My Tracks App” and “My itinerary”.

My Tracks app

As said before, My Tracks is an application that helps you track your route. It is a unified application that has many qualities, the most important of which are speed and reliability. The other advantage here is that you can download it for free and enjoy it to the fullest.

My route

Not very far from the previous one, it is an application that allows you to monitor your circuit during your journey. Although it is a small application, it is quite powerful and practical. It can serve you in many cases, mainly when it comes to your routes for outdoor activities.

Recording your road trip with Google My Tracks can be done in different steps. You can start by identifying the places or parking spaces where you can park. Once the parking lot is identified, add it to your route.

For this purpose, go to Google Maps on your Android. First, search for a destination in the upper part of your screen. At the bottom, tap on the “Route” option; then on “Stage and parking”. You will then see the option “Search for parking near your destination”, which you must press.

The application shows you the different parking spaces. Select one of them and press “Add Parking”. Finally, tap on the “Start” option. After all that, don’t forget to save the parking spot as soon as you park so you can easily find it later.

In addition, the registration of the place where you have parked your car will be done in the following way:

  • on your Android, go to Google Maps;
  • tap the blue dot indicating your location;
  • finally, press “Save your parking space”.

This is how you can easily record your road trip with Google My Tracks.

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