Drinking just one soda a day may increase the risk of male pattern baldness

In China, researchers have discovered a potential link between the consumption of sugary drinks and hair loss in men. Explanations.

Baldness is one of men’s worst nightmares. But rest assured, there would be a very simple way to reduce the risk of losing your hair early. That would be enough to avoid… soda. According to a new study, conducted by researchers at Tsinghua University in Beijing and published in the journal Nutrients, men who drink one soda a day have a higher risk of experiencing hair loss compared to those who… would abstain.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers reviewed data from 1,028 men aged 18 to 45, based in China. Each in turn answered questions about their eating habits, possible psychological problems and how often they consumed certain foods.

After analysis, a “significant association” between a high consumption of sugary drinks and hair loss in men was finally revealed. Specifically, consumption of sugary drinks one to three times a week increased the risk of hair loss by 21%, while consumption of four to seven sugary drinks increased the risk to 26%.

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Soda is bad for mental health

But that’s not all. They also found that the consumption of sugary drinks played a role in mental health. This will potentially increase the risk of depression and worsening anxiety. Further studies are now needed to confirm or refute their findings.

As the Cleveland Clinic reminds us, half of men generally lose their hair by the age of 50, and 25% of balding men see the first signs of hair loss before the age of 21.

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