Duel YouTube vs TikTok: Google’s platform remains more popular among teens

Given the meteoric rise of TikTok, we can say that this social network has become THE favorite platform for teenagers. But according to a new study, this is not yet the case. Yes, the YouTube dinosaur is still ahead.

In recent years, the growth of TikTok is impressive. The application, for example, reached one billion active users per month at the end of 2021. Being a video application, its natural competitor is necessarily YouTube. But contrary to popular belief, the Internet dinosaur still does very well against the social media rookie. The proof: the two platforms inspire each other to launch new features.

YouTube still dominates

Everyone agrees that TikTok is now the most popular social network among teens. But is this really the case? Well according to new analyzes from the American institute Pew Research Center, YouTube remains the most used platform among 13-17 year olds. According to this report, 95% of this age group have already visited YouTube and 19% use it on a regular basis.

On TikTok we are not there yet: 67% of teens have already tried the application and 15% of them use it regularly. The application still remains second in the ranking of the most used applications in this age group. That said, the performance of TikTok remains remarkable given its recent presence in the daily life of Internet users.

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