Earn Free Bitcoin: How to Take Advantage of AscendEX’s Amazing Offer

Mining Bitcoin has never been easier! AscendEX, a well-known platform in the crypto universe, unveils a small revolution. A new concept that allows you to generate satoshis (or sats, the smallest fraction of Bitcoin) without even thinking about it. Indeed, in this lean period, investors are looking for solutions to grow their wallets. AscendEX, despite the context, continues to innovate, supporting idea after idea investors in their task. After the high yield staking solutions ofAscendEX Earnthe platform sets up a unique rewards system from mining. To follow, all the details of this beautiful find.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with AscendEX.

Bitcoin mining comes to AscendEX

Never short of ideas since its creation in 2018, AscendEX has always been able to innovate. Taking all the bends in this bubbling ecosystem, Shane Molidor, CEO of AscendEX, and his team have made the platform one of the best solutions on the market. Mobile application, staking, yield farming, ease of use and fluidity. So to speak, they are on all fronts. Far from resting on their laurels, their latest novelty is likely to surprise you.

Bitcoin mining? Easy as 1-2-3

Who can claim to be a crypto-addict and have never dreamed of mining Bitcoin? However, the intricacies of this technology can sometimes prove to be impenetrable. Now, AscendEX offers you a turnkey solution in order to bring your stone to the building and be fully part of this great machine. It could not be easier. Just use the platform, you’ll see.

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Mine Bitcoin and earn sats with AscendEX

AscendEX is launching an innovative new rewards program that offers rewards from BTC mining. Users can thus accumulate sats on a daily basis through their use of the platform, but also through the accomplishment of more or less difficult tasks and challenges. Through this idea, the AscendEX platform wishes to familiarize its users with all of its functionalities. In fact, accumulating satoshis has never been easier, and the application will simply have no more secrets for you. These mining rewards are just waiting for one thing, to fall into your hands.

The second your registration is valid, just by logging in and browsing the app, you will start accumulating valuable satoshis. Whether you’re a trader or looking at your portfolio, your stocks will grow your bag. In addition, when you register, by way of welcome, a 10,000 sats giveaway will be immediately offered to you. The AscendEX teams have set up a counter of satoshis on the main page of the site and the mobile application. Once the 100,000 sats reached, you can withdraw them from your account in order to send them to your hardware wallet or convert them into stablecoin for example.

The hunt for satoshis is on

In addition to bitcoin rewards for your daily activities on the platform, AscendEX offers many missions for users to boost their earnings. With each successfully completed task, sats will accumulate in your kitty. These missions will range from the simplest, like logging into the site once a day, to the most complex. Typically trade with more than 5000 USDT. Prizes will also be awarded during the staking of your cryptos or when trading futures.

By logging into the app every day, it’s up to 1000 sats earned, almost without doing anything. And these rewards can even be boosted by completing the verification procedure KYC (Know Your Customer).

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AscendEX rewards are multiplied by 3 if the user completes the KYC.
This program from AscendEX provides BTC bonuses multiplied by 3 thanks to your KYC

Otherwise, AscendEX Innovations demonstrate the desire to build a real community around its application. In order to arouse the curiosity of crypto aficionados, the platform encourages its users to share their experience. The latter can invite other curious investors to test the platform by sharing the application on their social networks. Once your friends are registered, new sats will be added to your piggy bank. Finally, a new way to reward users through Bitcoin mining.

With this new program, AscendEX encourages users to inspect every corner of the application for new features. This initiative also encourages investors to return to basics by linking them to an essential pillar of the ecosystem. Bitcoin mining, the very foundation of the cryptographic world. the AscendEX rewards program, in addition to being innovative, is based on founding values. So ? Ready to embark on the Bitcoin adventure on AscendEX?

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