Ecological emergency: technology will not save us with Philippe Bihouix | Blast, the breath of information

Technology will save us. It’s something we’ve been hearing a lot over the past few years. The idea that we will be able to face all the challenges of our time and especially the ecological emergency with technology. And it’s a rather reassuring thought since it allows us to change nothing in our production methods, our uses, our lifestyles and so on. The problem is that it comes up against a fact: we live on a finite planet with limited resources. And if we want to preserve the conditions in which humanity was able to develop, there are nine planetary boundaries that we must not cross. And yet six of them have already been reached. However, technologies consume far too many resources, which are not renewable. There is therefore a dead end, which requires us to review our relationship to innovation, to also rethink our energy future. Scientists hammer it: we must take the path of sobriety, efficiency too. So how would this technological sobriety translate? How to organize our society in the light of the scarcity of resources? How to build a sustainable society on a finite planet? It is to all these questions that we are going to answer with Philippe Bihouix, specialist in low tech, the depletion of mining resources and the limits to green technologies.

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