Education/ 500 school children aware of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) day was celebrated this Friday in Conakry. It is an initiative of the ”Entreprendre ensemble” structure for five hundred (500) school children in Conakry.

On the occasion of the unfolding of the day’s activities, which is in its sixth edition, the students were made aware of information and communication technologies. At the end of the day, gifts were distributed to all participants.

Germaine Diakhaby, communications officer for the said structure, explains that the purpose of this day, “is to encourage children, to make them aware of (STEAM). So all that is science, technology to encourage them to continue in scientific fields for their studies because science is the future. So for this day we reached 500 children. They are girls, they are boys from five schools in the municipalities of Conakry. It is especially poor people who do not necessarily have the opportunity to receive gifts during this holiday. Above all, it is schools that have difficult access to IT tools. ยป

It should be remembered that this project was supported by the Orange Guinea Foundation.

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