Elon Musk: his top 3 crypto-currencies

Investing.com – Twitter (NYSE:) CEO Elon Musk is certain that the collapse of FTX in no way signifies the failure of cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology. He said so recently during a Twitter Spaces event attended by nearly a million people.

From his perspective, the FTX debacle was even helpful. What users should learn in using cryptocurrencies is that crypto exchanges are only appropriate for , . & Co to buy or sell. They are not at all suitable for the custody of cryptos. To do this, you must use your own cold-wallet. This is the only way to be protected against both bankrupts and hackers:

“I would like to emphasize once again that cryptocurrencies should be kept in a directly accessible cold wallet. Not on a stock exchange”.

When it comes to the future of cryptocurrencies, Elon Musk has a very clear view, as there are three that cannot be ignored:

“I think it’s likely that Bitcoin, Ethereum and DOGE have a future. For the others, I can’t really say. But if you have one of these three in a cold wallet and you ‘you don’t keep it in a purse, I guess that has its advantages”.

By Marco Oehrl

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