Elon Musk warns that he will sue Twitter employees if confidential data is leaked

In another shocking move, Elon Musk reportedly threatened to sue Twitter employees allegedly involved in leaking confidential company information.

In an email to Twitter employees, he warned against providing detailed information to the media. Musk is also asking employees to sign a pledge to confirm they understand the terms of the agreement. He said such actions could constitute a clear violation of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that employees signed when they joined Twitter.

Obligation against data leakage

Tesla’s CEO reportedly mentioned in his email that he was acting against the company’s interests. He said that the various cases of detailed leaks of confidential information from Twitter were a clear proof of this. According to the Platformer reporter, Zoe Schiffer, Musk reportedly sent a clear warning against media leaks. The warning comes as Musk recently reduced the company’s workforce by several thousand people. It also introduced a number of rules regarding employee performance.

“If you break your word by sending detailed information to the media with the intent to harm Twitter, you will get the response it deserves.”

As a result, Musk reportedly gave Twitter employees a deadline of 5pm late Saturday to respond to his email.

In a recent comment, the billionaire said a possible rate hike at the next Fed meeting would only worsen the chances of a recession. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will meet on 13-14 December, for the last meeting in 2022. Musk’s comment follows his latest prediction that the recession could continue until 2024.

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