Elysee Nkundimana: “Here is a digital business card that uses NFC technology”

[Digital Business Africa] – A digitized business card. Accessible via NFC technology or QR code. With the possibility of quickly saving it to your contacts in two or three clicks. No more printing hundreds of business cards. One card is enough. And when brought closer to a smartphone that has activated the NFC option, all contact information is available. And you can save them in your contact directory. This is what the young company Elysee Brand offers.

Its promoter Elysee was present at the Mobile World Congress Africa in Kigali a few weeks ago and presented its solution to many visitors. In this interview with the Beaugas ORAIN DJOYUM, he explains the specificities of this digitized business card.

Digital Business Africa: What is the little story behind your SME Elysee Brand?

Elysee Nkundimana: The idea for the digitized business card project came to me when I was looking for a solution to bypass the old method of collecting and storing business cards. Some keep these business cards or lose them later. I started thinking about how to solve this problem by keeping the data in one electronic device.

The idea was born in 2021 at the height of the Covid-19 health crisis, when people were not allowed to meet in public places. So, when the government started allowing people to go to an event or a public place, it was mandatory for every person to go to an event or a public place with proof of covid-vaccination certificate. 19.

One day I was going to an event and my phone was off. Arrived at the entrance, a person from the health organization asked me for a vaccination certificate and I could not find it, because it was not easy to find it and know how to load it. From there, I developed a different product that uses NFC technology.

Digital Business Africa: How do customers react to your scanned business cards?

Elysee Nkundimana: The reviews for this business card are good, because all the customers who use it have provided positive feedback. It works fast and is user-friendly. It is simple to use. The map is compatible with all IOS and Android smartphones.

Digital Business Africa: What is special about this type of business card?

Elysee Nkundimana: It is a contactless digital business card that uses NFC technology when you share information with a simple tap of the smartphone or by scanning the QR code. This solved the card exhaustion issue. Not just for face-to-face meetings, but also for online networking and virtual events.


Digital Business Africa: How much does this digitized business card cost?

Elysee Nkundimana: It costs 75 USD (about 49,000 F.Cfa) in one-time payment and it is used for a long time without expiration.

Digital Business Africa: What are the figures that make Elysee Brand today?

Elysee Nkundimana: 1-10. The Elysee Brand company is made up of many creative talents (Developers, creative directors, graphic designers, videographers, photographers and content creators) all of whom are professionals with experience in what they do.

Digital Business Africa: What are your ambitions with Elysee Brand?

Elysee Nkundimana: I want to see my business at the top of other businesses in my area.

“Being yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Digital Business Africa: What is your background?

Elysee Nkundimana: Born and raised in Kigali, Rwanda, Elyse NKundimana is the founder of Elysee Brand. I was passionate about television production since school. I even worked for some local media and with different event organizers from the age of 18.

I am self-taught and use tutorials to learn new things. After high school, I had the ambition to see my dreams come true. Later, I joined TV1 Rwanda (one of the main media in Rwanda) where I learned from the experienced directors who pushed me to focus on making music videos. I continued to develop my skills by learning web design and website development. Which has helped me so far to develop my digital products.

Digital Business Africa: You have several digital projects to your credit. What is the completed project that makes you proud?

Elysee Nkundimana: I have four products that use NFC technology: knowing the covid-19 vaccination status of populations without digital contact, the digital contactless business card, the digital contactless menu and the multi-functional smart ring).

The project I’m proud of is Tap Services which I think will be successful and a lot of people have appreciated the innovation behind it.

Digital Business Africa: What other specific project are you currently working on?

Elysee Nkundimana: The project I am currently working on is Tap Services, we are implementing NFC cards to do more to offer multiple services in addition to the digitized business card. This is so that these cards can be used to perform different tasks.

Digital Business Africa: How should governments support young entrepreneurs and innovators like you?

Elysee Nkundimana: The government should help young entrepreneurs by putting them in contact with people and institutions that can invest in their projects, because sometimes the funds needed to start the project are an issue that can affect the development of the project.

Governments should also help entrepreneurs by giving them exhibition space at international summits so that they can showcase their products. Which can help them get more customers from different countries.

Digital Business Africa: What is your advice to young people embarking on initiatives like yours?

Elysee Nkundimana: My advice to young people is to think differently and stick to your dreams and not get distracted.

They should also find elders who have experience in marketing to help them advertise their end products and expose their products internationally.

Digital Business Africa: If you had the chance to meet the President of the Republic, Paul Kagame, what would you say to him?

Elysee Nkundimana: First of all, I would thank him for the way he developed the technology in our country. This helps us in our daily development. Everywhere in the country you can have internet with good speed.

And I would ask him to devote more energy to helping entrepreneurs gain better visibility for their products on the international market.

Interviewed by Beaugas Orain Djoyum

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