Emma pillows with new AirGrid® technology are on sale and worth it

During the sale, from Wednesday 11 January to Tuesday 7 February, Emma is offering discounts on all its departments: now is the time to improve your sleeping comfort by taking advantage of the quality products offered by the brand. Business is also booming on the pillow side, including AirGrid® pillows, which benefit from discounts of up to 40%.

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40% off Nuage AirGrid® and original AirGrid® cushions

The Emma sale gives you the opportunity to treat yourself to a Nuage AirGrid® pillow with a 40% discount, i.e. the pillow for 83.40 euros instead of 139 euros. With the Nuage AirGrid® pillow from Emma, ​​the height and firmness can be adjusted, thanks to the layers of fine and thick microfibers placed inside: they are actually removable, and the pillow thus adapts to all morphologies and all sleeping positions. In addition, the pillow is surrounded by an AirGrid® mesh: this thermoregulating cover, with its honeycomb mesh structure, absorbs pressure and weight, for a zero-gravity effect and good ventilation.

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During the sale, you can also find the original AirGrid® pillow on Emma’s website for 83.40 euros instead of 139 euros. This pillow also allows you to adjust the height and firmness thanks to three layers of removable memory foam: it can therefore accompany sleepers of all sizes in all sleeping positions. Added to the memory foam technology is the AirGrid® technology with a honeycomb grid on the thermo-regulating cover. This mesh relieves pressure points on the head and neck while promoting air circulation.

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