End of live travel bookings on Google

The Google Group has announced the gradual withdrawal of its “Book on Google” service from the end of September 2022 (except in the United States where this service will not be closed until March 31, 2023). After having stopped last May the activity allowing the reservation of hotel stays from the Google user interface and search environment without being redirected to the provider’s siteGoogle has decided to also withdraw from online airline ticket reservation services, which follow the same principle.

Google’s withdrawal from this business is largely due to the reaction of online travel agencies (OTAs), who saw this digital giant becoming a “super travel agency”, its position obviously allowing it to appear on the first rank on the search engine belonging to him.

Although Google cites a low number of reservations as an argument for its departure from the sector, it may rather be the war waged by the European Union against the abuses made by GAFAM to appropriate certain markets and the risk of sanctions. incurred (in Europe) which also influenced this decision.

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