Eric Cantona pulls out the sulfateuse

When he was a player, Eric Cantona was famous for not having his tongue in his pocket. Retired for years, the former Manchester United player has retained his strong character. In a letter published on social networks and relayed by RMC Sports, the Frenchman gave a huge rant. J“I will not watch a single match of this World Cup (…) Already, because Qatar is not a football country! No fervor, no flavor. An ecological aberration, with all these air-conditioned stadiums… what madness, what stupidity! But above all, above all, a human horror… how many thousands of deaths, to build these stadiums, for in the end what, to amuse the gallery for two months… and no one cares… The very caricature of what man is capable of carrying in him as extreme filth!”

What’s next after this ad

The King continues: “I know that they don’t care and that my little person will not change the face of the world (…) The only meaning of this event, we all know it, is the dough!” He then added: “telling us we don’t play, telling us we don’t broadcast, we don’t advertise etc etc… It’s completely doable. Sometimes in life, we have to make decisions, even if it costs us. Since I was a kid, it’s an event that I love, that I wait for and that I watch with passion. May France win, lose, nothing to square! In life, there are things much more important than football! Instead, I will rewatch all the episodes of Colombo, it’s been a long time since I saw them. The message got through.

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