Ethereum PoW (ETHW) and EthereumFair (ETF)?

During The Merge of Ethereum, all ETH holders received an equal number of ETHW and ETF tokens. We explain how to recover and sell them.

An update not appreciated by minors

As you know, Ethereum performed its update, The Merge, last week. Some miners did not want to switch from mining (PoW) to staking (PoS) and therefore chosen to support a fork of the Ethereum blockchain to continue securing a network through mining. Thereby, two forks have emerged: Ethereum PoWthe best known and most supported, and EthereumFairless expected and therefore less capitalized.

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How to recover your Ethereum PoW (ETHW)?

You had Ethers on an exchange

If the exchange supported the fork, then it credited your account with as much ETHW as you had ETH. This allows you to sell them immediately if you wish. Here is the list of some platforms supporting the ETHW fork:

  • kraken
  • FTX
  • Bybit
  • Bitfinex

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You had your ETH on a MetaMask wallet

To recover your ETHWs, you must add Ethereum PoW network to your MetaMaskhere are its characteristics:

  • Network Name : ETHW-mainnet
  • New RPC URL :
  • ChainID : 10001
  • symbol : ETHW
  • Explore :

To add a new network, first click on the “Ethereum main network” at the top of your extension and then on “Add network”.

Add ETHW network on MetaMask

By selecting the Ethereum POW network, you can now see all the tokens you have on this blockchain.

If you want to sell them you will then have to send your ETHWs to a platform supporting the fork such as FTX or Bybit for example.

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You had ETH on a Ledger wallet

You will have to do a little more complex manipulation, but nothing insurmountable do not worry.

Connect your Ledger to your MetaMask. Be careful, however, not to import the seed of your Ledger into your MetaMask but just to connect a hardware wallet.

Connect Ledger to a Metamask

You will reuse the characteristics of the EthereumPoW network that are indicated above.

Once the network is added you should see the same amount of ETHW appear as you have ETH on this wallet.

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How to recover your EthereumFair (ETF)?

The manipulations are almost identical. However far fewer exchanges support this fork. Only Huobi, and Poloniex support this new cryptocurrency.

If you wish to recover your ETFs on MetaMask or on your Ledger then you will have to indicate information when adding EthereumFair network on MetaMask :

  • Network Name : EthereumFair
  • New RPC URL :
  • ChainID : 513100
  • symbol : AND F
  • Explore :

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Source: EthereumFair, Medium

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