Explore Elden Ring from your browser as RPG gets Google Street View

Can you imagine seeing one of these Google Street View cars zooming around The Lands Between? Well, that seems to have bugged Nassim Software, because they’ve created an Elden Ring street view map that lets you check out different points of interest in the FromSoftware fantasy game and interact with them as if you were using the images at 360 degrees on Google.

Appropriately called Elden Ring Street View, there are only a few places you can interact with so far, but Nassim Software has made sure everything runs so smoothly that the prospect of being able to see the entire RPG game world from a different perspective is incredibly enticing. Nassim Software also plans to add more Street View locations to the game in batches, so check back regularly.

If you open the Elden Ring Street View website on mobile, you can even use your gyroscope feature to navigate each 360-degree image via your own movements, almost like playing Elden Ring in VR.

From Nassim Software’s comments on Reddit, it looks like these images were made via a free camera mod for Elden Ring, a colossal number of screenshots, and software that allows all of the images to be put together in larger vistas.

Nassim Software also did a very similar Street View project for Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which created 360-degree imagery across the land of Hyrule. It also turns out that Elden Ring presented far less of a challenge for Nassim Software, as he writes on Reddit:

“I’m happy to report that it’s a lot easier for Elden Ring! The free camera mod allows you to freeze time, allowing panorama software to easily combine screenshots without producing artifacts.

If you want to check out Nassim Software’s Elden Ring Street View project, it has its own website and you should also follow their YouTube channel to stay up to date with all the new and exciting ideas.

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