F1 at the cinema with Brad Pitt and L. Hamilton will use Top Gun technology!

Yes, a very ambitious project is being formed around the premier category of motorsport. With Brad Pitt at the helm, advised by Lewis Hamilton, a production dealing with F1 will soon be transposed to the cinema. And clearly, the means are put since the technology used in Top Gun will be used in this film, of which Brad Pitt will be the principal actor. In addition, the magical trio recently honored in the very good Top Gun: Maverick, will also be present on the set. Namely, Jerry Bruckheimer, Joseph Kosinski (director) and Ehren Kruger (screenplay).

Top Gun F1 style: Maverick, we take it!

Lewis Hamilton recently reacted to this production, just to reassure fans who might possibly have some doubts about its credibility: “I’m incredibly excited. What we have been able to put together so far, compared to the team, is quite incredible. Tim Cook is present this weekend, it’s an honor to have him with us. He and his team have been very supportive, supporting my documentary and giving the green light for this film. There’s Brad, a legend, and Jerry, who really is a legend, he made the first Top Gun. And the director is very talented. I have high hopes for this movie. I know we’re going to make the best racing movie that’s ever been made, both visually and to the sensibilities of all the fans, we’re going to make sure of that.”

Comments made by the seven-time F1 world champion on the occasion of the last Formula 1 Grand Prix of the Americas, with our colleagues from Motorsport. And for those who haven’t seen it yet, we strongly recommend the film “Rush”, offering very good entertainment around the duel of yesteryear between Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

Article published on 06/11/2022 at 6:40 am

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