Faced with Facebook, MultiversX (ex-Elrond) imagined a hyper-realistic metaverse

A virtual world more real than ever? This is the Elrond blockchain project, which has just been renamed MultiversX. xWorlds is a virtual world under construction that will see the light of day in 2023, after a test period (beta) from December 10.

Paris, new capital of crypto-currency? In recent weeks, industry giants Binance and Crypto.com have announced that they are opening their European offices in the City of Lights.

It was almost at the same time that the Elrond blockchain held its first major conference called X Day, again in Paris, at the Palais Brongiart. For the occasion, she brought together an audience of personalities such as Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition and Telecommunications, who proudly recalled France’s ambitions in terms of blockchain and web3.

Hello MultiversX!

On an area of ​​4,000m2 and for 3 days, the crypto industry came together to discover the new project around the popular blockchain. After having long wanted to compete against Ethereum with a generalist dimension, Elrond has chosen her side: she now wants to become a reference on the metaverse by capitalizing on its ultra-fast blockchain. On this occasion, it decided to rename itself MultiversX with a whole new ecosystem.

This name change reflects a more global evolution of the vision of the project. At the center of the latter, there is a new metaverse: xWorlds. The latter will be available as a beta version from December 10. Only a handful of lucky people will be able to access the platform (waiting list here), before a public release in 2023.

However, MultiversX took advantage of the conference to unveil an attractive version of its new virtual world, with ultra-realistic graphics. This has earned it a number of comparisons (to its advantage) compared to Facebook’s Horizon World metaverse, the first elements of which are struggling to convince.

Maiar becomes xPortal

While some competing metaverses are struggling to generate regular use, the MultiversX teams have worked on the community aspect. It is through an avatar (via xPortal, which will itself be the successor to the Maiar application) that participants will be able to interact with other members, buy and sell goods and services. The founder of the project wanted to emphasize the commercial part of his service, hoping to attract the biggest brands in the real world.

Long limited to an application for the exchange and storage of crypto-currencies on the Elrond blockchain, Maiar (newly xPortal) will have a decisive role: it is she who will serve as a link between the real world and the virtual world. An instant messaging service and many games will be directly accessible from it. As for the application-specific wallet, it will be renamed xWallet. It will store crypto-currencies such as NFTs, which can also be used in xWorlds.

If Elrond has long wanted to create a new global financial ecosystem, the MultiversX project is finally partnering with a more traditional player: Mastercard. From the xPortal application, users will be able to take advantage of an associated payment card – virtual or physical. Both parties congratulate each other on creating the first bank card in the metaverse. However, the expenses can also be made in “real life”.

A metaverse open to creators

Above all, this xWorlds metaverse is intended to be particularly open by soliciting all stakeholders, including the least technical. MultiversX has developed the xFabric solution that will allow anyone to build in this virtual world.

By offering no-code solutions, the project hopes to attract more creativity (artists, etc.) into its ecosystem to develop it. The project will also offer a turnkey solution for more traditional companies so that they can develop their presence in this metaverse.

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