Faced with inflation, what are the French looking for on Google?

The high inflation initiated with the conflict in Ukraine is gradually transforming our daily lives and creating a bubble of uncertainty about the future. Everywhere it’s all about price increase and difficulties to come.

A study of Think With Google looked at the appreciation that French people might have of it by studying the most frequent searches and keywords used around this theme.

This “how much” that obsesses us

Unsurprisingly, the question that comes up most often is “how much” for a large number of queries. Energy prices (fuel, heating…), food, leisure which are becoming more and more difficult to access or arbitrated according to other needs, this is the big question of the moment.

It is often modulated in research by comparisons compared to what is happening around the place of life or the region, in order to know if one is disadvantaged compared to others and to look for opportunities in a not too distant elsewhere, in particular for the price of fuel.

The corollary of how many leads to seeking information on consumption monitoring, the best investments (have the best choices been made, are there alternatives) while inflation eats away at savings. As such, it is interesting to note the importance given to the request “booklet A rate”, indicates the study.

And to reduce expenses, it can also be interesting to terminate subscriptions or contracts. The request “how to cancel” is thus naturally propelled into the Google search engine in the event of a crisis.

Save money

After the inventory of the situation, a number of studies focus on the means of lower the costs and gain purchasing power. Knowing how to cancel a subscription or obtain a refund that could have been missed on other occasions is gaining momentum.

The study thus notes that the expression “cheaper” is often associated with the main request (cheaper gasoline, cheaper subscription, etc.). In the context of economic pressure on budgets, finding the trick to save money becomes a more frequent reflex.

This quest also covers aid schemes with more frequent searches for terms such as “food voucher”, transport allowances or government aid.

A crisis situation

All this research and these keywords come out logically in the face of situations of tension, which were also found at the time of the coronavirus pandemic. Health issues have largely given way to energy issues as winter approaches.

In France as elsewhere, the questions of energy price and its availability in different forms (electricity, gas, fuel oil, wood, etc.) create concerns, both for heating and for everyday use.

And faced with this rise in uncertainties linked to inflation, additional trends are strengthening, such as research around energy savings, the use of second-hand or refurbished products and eco-gestures for the planet, thus combining ecology and greater respect for the planet, in times when the latter is particularly mistreated.


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