Faced with the media frenzy, Mathias Pogba clears himself and calms things down! – Soccer

After the promise of exclusive revelations on his brother Paul Pogba, Mathias Pogba wanted to clear himself in relation to the threats and extortion attempts deplored by the midfielder of Juventus Turin. And the former Tours striker also showed his desire to calm the situation.

Mathias Pogba wants to “appease the situation” with his brother.

Mathias Pogba will reserve his remarks for justice! For two weeks, the 32-year-old man has been at the heart of the news by promising, via videos on social networks, exclusive revelations on his brother Paul Pogba.

Since then, this case has taken serious steps forward with an investigation for organized threats and extortion attempts with in particular 13 million euros claimed in the middle of Juventus Turin under the threat of assault rifles (see article here).

Mathias Pogba clears himself completely

Recognized by the former Mancunian with his blackmailers in Turin in July, Mathias logically finds himself in the sights of the investigators. And this Friday, the former Tours striker therefore decided to publish an official press release through his lawyer Richard Arbib. Given the development of the case and its media coverage, Mathias Pogba wishes to indicate with force that he is totally foreign to any maneuver of extortion with regard to his brother, Paul Pogbacan we read.

It is clear that the difficulties experienced by the Pogba family are the result of external threats of which the Justice, now seized, will take the full measure., continues the representative of Mathias Pogba. In this way, the native of Conakry is obviously trying to clear himself of the threats and extortion attempts denounced by his brother.

The end of exclusive revelations ?

And unsurprisingly, with a judicial investigation now underway, Mathias Pogba will also stop speaking publicly. Mathias Pogba, who aspires more than anything to calm the situation with his brother, will henceforth reserve his word for the investigating judges in charge of this file, if necessary., said Master Arbib. The long-awaited possible proofs, in particular on the possible maraboutage of Kylian Mbapp, should therefore not come out immediately…

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