find the error in this space station picture and many other puzzles

In the image below, you should spot the hidden error. Astronauts work in a space station on Mars. An active mind can solve this riddle in 7 seconds. You must look carefully at the image before answering the question, as the answer is quite simple.

Spot the Hidden Error in the Space Station Image

Space station picture puzzle answer

To find the error and pass the challenge, look carefully at the picture. Now take a moment and try to see if anything jumps out at you as incorrect. At first you won’t notice it immediately, because it’s a smaller detail than you might think. But after a few seconds, you might be able to identify the error in the question asked. The answer to the riddle is therefore the planet Mars in the sky. Astronauts are already working on the space station on the planet Mars. So the planet in the sky can’t be Mars too. Many people try to find the error in the astronauts or in the space equipment. Eventually, they find the error hidden in space, that is, a second planet Mars.

The second planet Mars is the hidden error in the image of the space station

the answer to the puzzle of the space station on mars

Which cup will fill up first?

Observe carefully, which of the 4 cups will be filled first?

which line will be filled first

Cups puzzle answer

The answer is 9 because the liquid flows to the lowest point. Looking closely, we notice that some channels to the cups are closed. The pipe on the opposite side is higher and will only begin to fill if the cup on the other side is full and the lower pipes are not overflowing. 9 then 5 will be filled.

Spot the hidden panda

Several puzzles with a camouflaged panda in completely different contexts from each other, which makes the game surprising and fun at the same time.

The panda and the snowmen

The panda is camouflaged by a crowd of snowmen

where is the panda hiding among the snowmen

The camouflage is unmasked

the panda hides surrounded by red

panda and dogs

Here the panda looks like a dog

where hides the panda pami all these animals

The panda has been confused with all these dogs with big black ears and noses

the answer to the question where hides the panda pami all these animals

The panda in the vintage photo

In the vintage photo, the panda is so well hidden that it is impossible to see it

find the panda in the vintage crowd photo

The location of the panda in the photo is revealed

the answer to the question where the panda is in the crowd photo surrounded by a red square

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