FOCUS TECH | Klava helps fight smoking

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While cancers represent 61.7% of deaths attributable to smoking in France, Medtech Klava wanted to tackle the problem. Founded by Alexia Adda in 2021, Klava has developed an addictology health application called Quitoxil, officially launched in November on the occasion of the tobacco-free month. Concretely, this solution’s mission is to help its users fight against active smoking by combining digital technologies and evidence-based studies for addictive disorders.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence and algorithms, the start-up is also able to operate a tool for recognizing facial expressions and diagnosing addiction disorders. Thus, the patient benefits from support to reduce his anxiety, better understand his addiction and prevent relapse. All the data collected on the follow-up of his fight against addiction is then transmitted to the attending physician for medical follow-up.

“We will soon demonstrate the effectiveness of Quitoxil by launching a clinical study in one of the most prestigious addiction services in Europe – the AP-HP Paul Brousse, welcomes Alexia Adda, co-founder of Klava. Currently, we respond to a sector of addictology, but our objective is to treat many addictions such as alcohol, opioids and sugar addiction in Europe and the United States over the longer term. At the same time, we are continuing our research with INRIA on the development of a facial recognition system to detect relapses early. Obviously, our development has a cost and it is in this context that we plan to raise funds from investors in 2023. »

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