FONTSI presents tax annexes in favor of scientific research, innovation and technology

Abidjan (AIP)- The Fund for Science, Technology and Innovation (FONSTI), presented tax annexes in favor of scientific research, innovation and technology, Friday, November 04, 2022, during a meeting of multi-party exchanges in Abidjan, around the theme “Tax annexes: what are the challenges for scientific research, innovation and technology”.

The Secretary General of FONSTI, Sangaré Yaya explained that this conference is part of raising awareness among the scientific research community in Côte d’Ivoire on the tax measures adopted by the government to support research, innovation and technology in the country.

“So we have representatives of all public universities, research centers and representatives of the private sector so that together we can see how the private sector and the research and innovation sector can work together to facilitate the production of knowledge in our country for the benefit of the private sector and society in general”, he expressed.

The Deputy Director of International Tax Cooperation at the Directorate General of Taxes, M’Bra Sylvestre, presented certain measures taken by the Ivorian government through the tax annexes of recent years, for the promotion of scientific research and Technical Innovation.

This is the tax on banking transactions for credits made available by banks and even by other companies, available to people engaged in these activities, the tax on the profits of companies that make donations structures and persons engaged in research activities, tax on receivables income and more particularly the 2020 tax appendix (…).

“The Ivorian government, through its tax policy, has taken the measure of this issue well and is in the process of setting up a real incentive tax system in favor of research and development, with the aim of supporting in the first place the research and development, because these are the factors of emergence”, indicated Mr. M’Bra.




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