Foot OL – OL: Thiago Mendes unleashed, Aulas shames him – Olympique Lyonnais

Big game for Thiago Mendes despite the loss to PSG. Jean-Michel Aulas, OL boss, took the opportunity to settle accounts with Vincent Duluc.

As against Monaco, Olympique Lyonnais had an interesting match against Paris Saint-Germain, but it was defeat that was ultimately in the end. The third in three games. If losing 1-0 against PSG is not dishonouring, it brings the Rhone club to the international break with a fall in the standings since OL are no longer at European level now. Nevertheless, there were positive signals during this game. If Anthony Lopes performed miracles that allowed his team to stay in the game, Lyon also had chances to equalize, with Alexandre Lacazette in particular. Finally, much criticized since the start of the season, Thiago Mendes released the big game, with decisive interventions, life-saving tackles and a clean recovery. Not enough to convince Vincent Duluc, the pen of L’Equipe recalling that a good match 1 time out of 10 was not what was asked of him in this position.

Shame on Vincent Duluc, writes Aulas

Thiago Mendes had a great game, his best in a long time, but the question was never whether he could be great once, rather whether he could be good 10 times in a row as a defender central. Over the last 12 months, it is one time in three “, swung the journalist, quickly picked up by Jean-Michel Aulas. The OL president was obviously waiting for Vincent Duluc at the turn after the Brazilian’s big performance, in his always pithy interventions on Twitter. “ Terrific demonstration of the public for this great match: before Vincent harps without objectivity on his obsessions I’m sure: our team is on the right track. The defense with an amazing Thiago (shame on VD), the very positive content always precedes the good results “, assured the president of OL, who was reminded all the same that the so beautiful promises led at present to 0 points scored on the last 9 in play.

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