Foot OM – OM: Pablo Longoria at Juventus, general alert in Marseille

Since his arrival at OM, Pablo Longoria has done a lot of work. The Spanish president of the Phocaeans is very courted on the market.

OM have been going through a very complicated period for the past few weeks. Igor Tudor’s men can no longer do it in Ligue 1 and suffered another early elimination in the Champions League. Now is the time for doubts and questioning. Internally, Frank McCourt is fed up with losses and wants quick cash inflows. Everything therefore suggests that Pablo Longoria will have to make some sacrifices during the next transfer window. Unless the president of OM leaves the Marseille club by then. Because Pablo Longoria is a very courted leader. And he is apparently popular in Italy.

Longoria, back to Italy?

Indeed, Pablo Longoria is a very popular businessman. His science of the game and his knowledge of the players are very pleasing. In the past, in 2015, and despite his very young age, he had made Juve happy as a recruiter. And the Piedmontese are seduced by the idea of ​​​​bringing the 36-year-old Spaniard back. At least that’s what it says Foot Mercato these last few hours. The media speaks of Juve’s interest in giving some cards back to Pablo Longoria, who knows the club well and who could be an important part of the Old Lady’s new project. It remains to be seen whether the arguments of the Italian club will be convincing enough to persuade Longoria to leave OM, where he has a very important position and the confidence of the supporters. Foot Mercato specifies nevertheless that on the side of the entourage of Longoria, one denies the contacts with Juve and assures that the Spaniard is fully concentrated on the OM: “ Pablo could be flattered that Juventus are thinking of him. It’s his club, he owes him his career and what he does today, but a departure from OM is not at all on the agenda “. A predictable response, while the Phocaeans need serenity to get through this new period of uncertainty.

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