Foot OM – Sale OM: Saudi Arabia arrive with Zidane, he announces it!

The sale of Olympique de Marseille to Saudi Arabia had not been brought up for a long time. This is how it is now with a very well-informed informant in the role of Rolland Courbis, who clearly sees a very big battle being prepared.

In France, as in Europe, it is more than ever a matter of selling and buying clubs. Even the giants are going there, proof that capital movements and abundant investment are still bringing football into a new economic and geopolitical dimension. In recent months, the Olympics, AC Milan and Newcastle, for example, have changed hands. Currently, landmarks such as Liverpool and Manchester United are open for sale. Officially, Olympique de Marseille is not, as Frank McCourt repeats at every opportunity that the idea is not to sell a club in which he believes a lot and in which he has invested a lot. Speeches that often followed rumors of sales, with always speculation of funds from Saudi Arabia to take overABOUT and make it a possible rival to PSG.

Saudi Arabia is dying to invest!

At the moment, Qatar-backed Paris are all alone in France, although the title is yet to be played halfway through this season in Ligue 1. But that could change with Saudi Arabia’s desire to look more closely at investments to be made in football. And at a time when QSI is considering betting on Liverpool, Tottenham or Manchester United, the neighbor and rival – although relations have calmed down – dreams of competing with Qatar in France. This is the very clear opinion of Rolland Courbis, who is convinced that the Kingdom really wants to regain OM to make it a jungle of French football.

“I can tell you, Saudi Arabia has the same ambitions as Qatar. That of wanting to host the World Cup on home soil in 2030. They are very clearly preparing for this and everything we have seen in recent months contributes to this. It can be seen as big as a house that there is a desire to exist as soon as possible as their Qatari neighbor did, so I would not be surprised after all the rumors that we have heard about a possible takeover of OM lately, that Saudi Arabia is arriving in France and competing directly, head-on, with Qatar. “Warned the former OM coach in the columns of 10 Sport. A muscular exit full of security and which could redraw the landscape of French football.

Zidane, the ideal candidate for OM

Especially since Saudi Arabia, with a possible takeover of the Provençal club, would benefit from financial means and the enthusiasm to think very big. With the possibility of bringing Zinedine Zidane to the bench at the Vélodrome in the background. “ Not only do I think the Saudis can buy OM quickly, but also if we start looking for who could be the ideal coach to lead their project… If we wonder who would be the best person to to lead OM, someone who knows the city, who knows this club. A competent person, originally from Marseille? So it’s true you can think of me. But I promise you, it won’t be me (laughs). But I think of another Marseillais, from the 15th arrondissement, like me. And his name is Zinedine Zidane “, delivered Rolland Courbis, in an outing that will surely warm the hearts of all OM fans who have begged Zizou in recent months not to join the PSG project. From there, there is still room to sit on the bench at the Marseille club, knowing that the world champion from 1998 now wants to quickly start a project. But above all, he has already explained in the past that the Marseille environment was so special to him that he no longer saw himself really bathing in it anymore. However, with an ambitious project and a radical change of direction, OM would have strong arguments to pay for a coach of Zinedine Zidane’s caliber.

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