For the creator of DOGE, bitcoin could reach $100,000 one day, but there is a catch.

The co-founder of Dogecoin thinks bitcoin might hit $100,000 one day, but it might be useless to humanity by then. Billy Markus, who created Dogecoin with Jackson Palmer in 2013, tweeted that he admits bitcoin could hit $100,000.

However, he clearly doubts that the world and the prices in it are the same as they are today.

“It will probably hit 100K one day”

In a chat with Twitter user “Madam Doge” (@calic415), who was referring to Michael Saylor’s bullish bitcoin predictions and expectations for $100,000, Markus said BTC will reach may -be that level one day.

However, he added that a future in which BTC is worth so much may well be pessimistic – either “we’ll all be dead by then“, that is “inflation will reach the size of a galaxy – 100K would buy a sandwich.

The conversation between them started when “Madam Doge” complained about the fall of bitcoins and asked the reasons. Billy Markus provided them to him: “because people sold.

BTC drops below $20,000 and ETH below $1,500.

On November 7, bitcoin fell back below the $20,000 mark, now trading in the $19,600 area.

In the past 24 hours, bitcoin has lost around 5% of its value from $20,400 to $20,000 as the community believed bitcoin had finally managed to recoup some of its losses and prepared to go back up.

Coinglass reported that $112.83 million in crypto was liquidated, and 95% of positions cleared were long positions.

The amount of liquidated crypto positions reached the whopping sum of $300 million. The probable reason for this BTC plunge is the war between Binance and the FTX exchange which has accelerated.

Additionally, FTX removed Ethereum from its wallets; The second-largest crypto is also down, having fallen below the psychologically important level of $1,500.

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