“Forget the price”: Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum remembers the basics

We are here for the technology – It’s been over a year Bitcoin reached its previous ATH. Faced with the decline in the market, well many internet users are feeling the cryptocurrency blues. On his side, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, recommends distancing himself from the price and focus on technological development.

Investors are facing the crypto blues

The timing of the previous bull run is now far gone. But while the lanes are at their calmest, certain bugs persist in the ecosystem. Scams, hacks and other tricks continues to rage in the ecosystem.

A situation that makes some investors question everything. This is especially the case for the Internet user @CoinMamba who recently said he felt exhausted.

“After 9 years in crypto, I’m a bit exhausted. I want to move on and do something different with my life. Tired of all these scammers and swindlers…”

CoinMamba Expresses Exhaustion – Source: Twitter.

The post quickly went viral and attracted the attention of well-known players in the ecosystem. Among them, Vitalik Buterinthe co-founder of Ethereum, suggested distancing himself from trading and returning to more fundamental research.

“I recommend that you move away from trading/investment circles and get closer to the technology and application ecosystem. Get to know the ZK SNARKs, visit a meeting in Latin America, listen to calls from All Core Devs, and read the notes until you’ve memorized all the EIP numbers…”

Afterwards, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao also commented on the post, with a simple “Keep Building”.

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Lower prices, but no innovation

In fact, despite a stagnation in cryptocurrency pricesthe ecosystem continues to face new developments.

On Ethereum it is thus second-tier solutions continue to grow in popularity. So much so that tier 2 Arbitrum may soon overtake the Polygon chain in terms of TVL.

CoinMamba Expresses Exhaustion - Source: Twitter.
Arbitrum is overtaking Polygon.

At the same time, the ecosystem is off Zero knowledge proofs have never been so alivewith more and more teams working on the topic.

For its part, the ecosystem Cosmos is ready for a rebirth thanks to Atom’s new white paper.

Finally the catches off ECB’s tough stance on Bitcoin seems to once again highlight the success of the asset in its mission to disrupt the monetary monopolies. In fact, the ECB has once again published a scathing blog post about Bitcoin. As our colleague Rémy puts it so well: the ECB seems strange to want to go after something it already considers dead.

Unfortunately, many Internet users do not perceive this development. In fact, many are still mourning the collapse of FTX, potentially facing significant losses. hope sparse answers provided by Sam Bankman-Fried will help to move the case forward.

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