Framework and Google team up to deliver a repairable ChromeBook

The Californian startup Framework, which designs the Framework Laptop, has just taken a new step and is partnering with Google to offer a Chrome OS version of its Framework Laptop.

As a reminder, the Framework Laptop is an upgradeable, customizable and repairable portable PC. Presented almost a year ago equipped with an 11th generation Intel processor, the company then sold the motherboard fitted with a 12th generation Intel processor individually. Thus, purchasers wishing to see their Framework evolve could simply buy the motherboard without having to change laptops as is usually the case.

The Framework Laptop ChromeBook Edition has exactly the same features as the original model. Namely a 13.5-inch IPS screen displaying 2256 x 1504 px accompanied by an Intel Core i5-1240P processor, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. Obviously, it is possible to choose from the whole range of accessories sold by Framework to personalize your portable PC from the USB port to the color of the outline of the screen.

For its part, Google recalls that ChromeOS is equipped with Android applications and that the Titan C chip present on the motherboard of the Framework Laptop ChromeBook Edition makes it possible to secure its data. Google is also committed to providing 8 years of software updates for this model.

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