Framework Teams Up With Google For $999 User-Serviceable Chromebook TechCrunch

Repairable electronics company Framework has just announced a new version of the company’s signature laptop. Produced in association with Google, the company publishes the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition. As the name suggests, it is an iteration of the Laptop Framework specially designed for ChromeOS.

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The system is up for pre-order in the US and Canada starting today and should start shipping around early December, according to the company. Starting at $999, the system is very high end of the Chromebook price section, nearly double that of systems from companies like Samsung. Rather, it’s priced to rival the likes of Google’s own Pixelbook.

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Of course, repairability and user customization should – and mean – a lot to many consumers. One could certainly make a convincing argument that you get a lot for your money with a system that can be kept alive longer than a pre-built laptop.

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Image Credits: Frame

Devin had great things to say about the standard system, noting, “If you think about that money […] like the start of an investment, and which will save you from having to buy another computer in 3-4 years, it starts to make more sense. Of course, the regular system starts at a more affordable $819.

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Image Credits: Frame

About pricing, the company tells TechCrunch:

The Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition takes the same i5-1240P processor with 4+8 cores running up to 30W that we have in the base version of the Framework Laptop (12th Gen Intel Core), with a lower starting price of $50. With this product, we want to reset people’s expectations of what Chromebooks are capable of. We’ve taken Framework Laptop’s existing design, performance, and modular ecosystem, and created a version with ChromeOS loaded on top of it.

The system includes an aluminum frame, a 13.5-inch screen with a resolution of 2256 x 1504 (same as the Framework laptop). It is powered by a 12th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 257GB of storage. It’s all upgradable, of course – customization is the name of the game. There’s support for USB-C, USB-A, MicroSD, HDMI, DisplayPort and Ethernet ports – you pick the side.

Replaceable components and modules will be on sale alongside the new system.

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