France team – A Mbappé vs Pogba war, Didier Deschamps would be aware!

Paul Pogba asked a marabout to harm the career of Kylian Mbappé. This is the rather surreal question that arises since the accusations of his brother Mathias, who claims to have proof of this. A stone in the pond for Didier Deschamps, who decided to speak on this subject.

The Pogba affair has shed light on the relations between the players of the France team who are not always in good shape. During Euro 2020, which took place in 2021, we already know that Kylian Mbappé did not appreciate the communication of the French team, which was very focused on Karim Benzema. For his part, Paul Pogba is accused of having requested a marabout to harm the career of the PSG striker. This isn’t a direct contender for his position, but perhaps a rivalry over star status, or an incompatibility of temper in the locker room that has gone too far.

Didier Deschamps is offended

If for the moment, the investigation on this subject is not progressing, the player of Juventus Turin having admitted having called on a marabout but only to avoid injuries and protect a charity in Africa, the questions are multiplying. between two of the scorers in the 2018 World Cup final. French players, who sometimes have to stay together for weeks for major competitions, may not all get along perfectly.

But Didier Deschamps wanted to make known his very clear-cut opinion on this opinion, without saying more about the ongoing investigation on this subject. For the national coach, interviewed by RTL, it is out of the question to suggest that Pogba and Mbappé cannot see each other in paint. “ We can say that Paul and Kylian are not close, but how can we? At all stages, they are side by side at all meals. If there are two people who have enormous respect for each other, they are part of it. There’s no problem “, assured the 1998 world champion, convinced that this affair of anti-Mbappé maraboutage does not make sense.

Can’t wait for Clairefontaine this Monday

For Didier Deschamps, the atmosphere in the locker room is optimal, and it will be important that it lasts a few more months, since a World Cup will arrive in Qatar in November. Result, the gathering which will begin this Monday at Clairefontaine will be welcome, as recognized by the captain of the Blues Hugo Lloris. ” In any case, a few months before the World Cup, it is important to remain united and focused on the objective (the World Cup). We will need all our strength, all our energies. You have to stay focused on the field. It’s getting a bit too spread out right now. I think the international window will do us good.”, delivered the goalkeeper of the France team, for whom this meeting will make it possible to clarify things. Even if several major absentees in the group will be deplored, and in particular Paul Pogba, currently injured and very uncertain for the World Cup in Qatar.

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