France team – EdF: Benzema annoyed Deschamps, his fatal mistake

Karim Benzema went through the back door in Qatar at the start of the World Cup. Didier Deschamps was merciless with the then injured player. Revenge from the coach?

On course to retain his position as coach of the French team due to the good campaign in Qatar, Didier Deschamps has shown as usual that he is never as strong as his back against the wall. Despite the withdrawals and uncertainty over his future, the tricolor technician is managing this World Cup perfectly at the moment, both sportingly and in terms of communication, and there has been no difference with the Blues this month of competition. The only problem that somewhat undermined the atmosphere at the start was the situation of Karim Benzema. Didier Deschamps had warned he would only take fully capable players and it is perhaps this desire to have a clear situation that led to KB9’s withdrawal even before the first game. However, the French striker has fully resumed training with Real Madrid, and is already ready for the next match, while the World Cup is not over. But the decision was made and this allowed Didier Deschamps to work in peace and thus dismiss his starting centre-forward.

An oblivion that does not go away

A decision far from trivial, because it does not please the Real Madrid player, for whom the relationship has totally deteriorated. While Didier Deschamps, according to Le Figaro, has already told those around him that he believed he had made a big mistake by taking so long to recall Karim Benzema after the sextape affair, the 1998 world champion did not appreciate his player’s behavior on the last. According to L’Equipe, a scene marked him. This is the Ballon d’Or ceremony where KB9 thanked the entire planet, from its first coaches to its family to Real Madrid, completely forgetting Didier Deschamps. A voluntary act in the coach’s eyes to make it clear that the episode of his banishment from the Blues had not been fully digested.

An insult to Didier Deschamps, who was present in the Parisian hall at the time and whose close-up in mondovision when he was snubbed, caused a buzz. The Basque is regretful, to the point of depriving himself of an offensive choice for a World Cup? The result, according to the sports newspaper, is the desire to have a totally physically healthy group that weighed mainly. But another significant point spoke. Very close to his players, Deschamps realized that the presence of Benzema disturbed some and that his absence was really not much cried in the group. The fact that they have already won the 2018 World Cup without the Olympic-trained player has certainly weighed on people’s minds, and the Frenchman’s career in Qatar shows that the attacking pool of the Blues can even so far bowl the gold title.

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