France team – EdF: Giroud pays a lawyer named Mbappé

Scorer and precious in front, Olivier Giroud seems to get younger each time he wears the blue jersey. Not enough to guarantee him a place at the World Cup in the eyes of Didier Deschamps. But Kylian Mbappé, who has not often supported him in the past, took a clear position.

King of the language of wood, Didier Deschamps begins to master this exercise wonderfully after more than 10 years at the head of the France team. This can also be understood, the national coach not having the aim of advancing things while he favors the life of the group and the sporting performance, rather than the echoes in the press. But this week, Olivier Giroud clearly occupied the media space by announcing that he would do everything to be there for the World Cup in Qatar, and that he would not become unlivable if “DD” ever came to him. consider as a mere substitute.

In the absence of injured Karim Benzema, the AC Milan striker has indeed confirmed his great form. Very present on the front of the attack, he often opened the game for Kylian Mbappé, before scoring the team’s second goal with a whim of which he has the secret. Repeated ovations and an outing to a cheering crowd, Olivier Giroud inevitably missed points with this performance two months before the World Cup. But Didier Deschamps made it clear that the Milan striker, very close to Thierry Henry’s goalscoring record with the Blues, had no guarantee of flying to Doha in two months.

Giroud victim of competition?

I did not say that I was going to deprive myself of it. You draw conclusions. He scored, good for him. He is in an excellent state of mind, he participated in a lot of animations and offensive actions. As almost always. He has found himself in very, very, very complicated situations in recent years, with little or no playing time, and every time he was in the France team, he was successful. It’s very good for the France team. I am very happy for Olivier, he deserves it. If I call him and put him on, it’s to be good and score goals. May he continue to perform well. Did I tell you that he will be there or that he will not be there? Neither. We will have to wait until November. He does everything to make sure he is there, but since there is a lot of competition in all positions… “, delivered the national coach. Real competition, but not necessarily in all positions, as they are rare to be able to occupy the role of number 9 behind Karim Benzema with the Blues.

The proof, Kylian Mbappé in person underlined the importance of Olivier Giroud in the tricolor game, and the PSG striker did not hide that he had loved this meeting and the way he was able to play offensively, with almost complete freedom. “ I play differently. I am asked other things here in relation to my club. I have a lot more freedom here. The coach knows that there is a number 9 like Oliv’ who occupies the defenses and I can walk around and go into space, ask for balls. In Paris, it’s different, there isn’t that. I am asked to do the pivot, it is different. I am very happy with this game. There was a lot of complicity, with Antoine too “Said Kylian Mbappé, who does not hide the fact that he enjoyed playing with a pivotal player who mobilizes the defenses. This is a little less the case with Karim Benzema, who also likes to get the ball, but it is a debate on which Didier Deschamps will have to decide.

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