France team – EdF: Karim Benzema, the victim who is fed up with the French team

A month and a half after the events, the file of the event that caused the end of Karim Benzema’s career in the French team rebounds again and again. The Blues wanted to respond to the latest attacks.

The editor Daniel Riolo had fired a first missile this Wednesday night by giving his version of the facts, largely confirming the French striker and believing that Didier Deschamps had done absolutely nothing to try to keep the Real Madrid striker at the time, which the latter denies could have done. remained in operation for the remainder of the competition. “ What other country in the world is deprived of a Ballon d’Or because you have to be ready for the first game of the World Cup? The French team doctor didn’t even go to Aspetar, but waited for him to tell him “it’s okay, you’re injured, you’re leaving” and that we’ll take a flight to him at 6 in the morning, that’s weird. is it not? Benzema broke down, he didn’t say anythingā€¯in particular, the After Foot speaker, who at the same time asked Karim Benzema to tell the truth about what had happened, to find out if the French team voluntarily deprived themselves of a Ballon d’Or a little too troublesome for Didier Deschamps and some of his managers.

The version of Blues that is different from Daniel Riolos

Frontal attack which caused the French Football Federation to react, which wanted to give its version of the facts to the RMC. In confidence over the radio, the staff and the Blue Companion made a point of emphasizing several points they consider essential. First of all, blues doctor Franck Le Gall went to the Aspetar clinic to have Karim Benzema’s injury noted. When his package was picked up, it was KB9 who decided not to stay at base camp until the next day to say goodbye to his teammates, taking the first flight the next morning, paid for by FFF contrary to what was suggested. Among the points of contention is the refusal to go and greet the players of the French team, which the entourage of the Blues assumes: “ We didn’t want to wake up all the players at 05.00 to make a guard of honor for Benzema “.

As for the damage itself, there is still some uncertainty about its nature, its severity and the decision that results from it. In any case, the French staff complained on several occasions about being left in the shadow of Real Madrid, then by the player himself, who refused to train for the first few days and then assured that they had ” to administer According to the French coaches, it was Karim Benzema who decided on his own to accelerate on the day he relapsed, which is puzzling as Didier Deschamps had put pressure on the injured, like Varane, to be fit for the first match. With the RMC, the tricolor staff thus formulates many criticisms of the player, such as the fact that he had not wanted to be monitored by a doctor from the Blues when he went to Lyon to present his Ballon d’Or. Many disagreements are therefore accentuated by his sibyl speeches on Instagram and the speeches of his former agent, which makes Karim Benzema look like the victim of a plot hatched by Didier Deschamps and his staff, and it obviously tends to annoy the coach’s staff immensely, for whom this leadership will have been the big black mark on this World Cup.

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