France’s team – Benzema touched in the heart, he says no to France-Argentina

Karim Benzema is unlikely to go to Qatar to support Les Bleus in the World Cup final. The end of his adventure with France clearly upset him and he feels he no longer has a place in the group without playing there.

The images coming from Madrid must still appeal to the supporters of the French team who saw the final withdrawal of Karim Benzema three weeks ago. Because the French striker shows himself to be very fit during the sessions, including the opponents, with a lively gesture that does not show the slightest embarrassment or anxiety. But we have to believe Didier Deschamps had no time to wait and his striker’s injury was deemed sufficient to send him back from Qatar for treatment. At a time when the Blues are preparing for the final against Argentina, the matter is still on the table.

Proof, the question was raised recently to find out if Karim Benzema, like several internationals who did not participate in the World Cup, would come closer to Qatar as next weekend approaches to participate in the final. Without participating, of course. The answer is probably no. According to information from the Spanish sports media Revelo, the striker, trained at Olympique Lyonnais, simply does not want to participate in the final of a World Cup, where he will not have played a single minute.

Benzema saddened by FFF’s treatment of him

According to the Iberian media, KB9 would not have appreciated Didier Deschamps’ comments about him, with the French coach explaining that it was time to turn the page and quickly move on to focus on the competition. Likewise, the rumors that appeared in the French media and the leak about a group relieved to see Benzema leave him greatly affected. However, if he wishes, Benzema can go to Doha and get his medal if he wins, as the rules allow. But Relevo announces a player hurt in his pride, especially by the way his departure was handled, without a word of sympathy from the French managers.

It is also the reason why he has been rather silent since the start of the World Cup, containing little word on social networks after qualifying for the semi-finals and then for the final in a story on Instagram, which nevertheless shows that he follows the adventure. of his compatriots in Qatar. In any case, the French players on their side ensure that there is no controversy or discomfort as Aurélien Tchouaméni explained that the contact was always there and that KB9 wished the best for the players from Didier Deschamps. This does not prevent him from having trouble digesting this adventure, which takes place without him, and from feeling that he no longer has his place in the group, and therefore does not see himself coming to Qatar. To perhaps disturb a group that lives very well.

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