François Braun “says no” to the closure of schools and nurseries

published on Friday, December 9, 2022 at 12:03.

Faced with the epidemic of bronchiolitis, but also of influenza and Covid-19, “the barrier movements will also protect us and protect us”, explained Health Minister François Braun d. BFM TV this Friday, December 9.

In infants, bronchiolitis is reaching record levels not seen in over 10 years. This epidemic, as well as the epidemic from influenza and Covid-19, affects simultaneously an already very strained healthcare system. Should schools and nurseries be closed, as was put in place at the height of the pandemic?

Not according to Health Minister François Braun.

“Bronchiolitis affects children under 2 years of age, he remembered BFM TV this Friday, December 9, sanitation measures sweep the school. That closing nurseries, “I say no because the barrier movements will also protect us there and protect us”, reasoned the minister.

“It’s super serious”

An attitude that some doctors do not seem to share. Wednesday, i Telegram, Véronique Despert, head of paediatrics at Rennes University Hospital, believed it was necessary “Consider closing schools right now. Children catch the virus at school and pass it on to their younger brother or sister. We must also stop family reunification. From a scientific point of view, there is no other way”, she warned.

“It’s catastrophic,” remarked Véronique Despert. “We see that bronchiolitis is more serious. The flu is also stronger, which makes it easier for parents to come. And there’s a little bit of covid on top of that,” added the pediatrician hammeringly: “It’s super serious and I don’t know if the message got through.”

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