FTX: Bankman-Fried held in Bahamas, Alameda CEO tries to flee to Dubai

Catch them all – After a sequence worthy of a bad thriller ending with an improbable giant hack, the story of the collapse of FTX-Alameda goes into international manhunt mode with Dubai as the lifeline.

FTX, attempt to flee to Dubai?

Reported by Coin Telegraph sources, the CEO of the platform FTX is currently under surveillance in the Bahamas, after being reported as attempting to travel to Dubai.

The emirate has indeed an interesting quality for anyone trying to escape any criminal responsibility: the absence of an extradition treaty with the United States in particular.

These are so, besides Sam Bankman2 other top FTX executives who are currently reportedly barred from leaving the Bahamas, the crypto exchange’s headquarters.

“At the moment, three of them, Sam, Gary Wang and Nishad Singh, are under surveillance in the Bahamas. Which means it will be difficult for them to leave.”

Source of Coin Telegraph

According to a persistent rumor, Sam’s father, Joseph Bankman, would also be there.

Caroline Ellison, the CEO of FTX’s sister company, Alameda Research is currently in Hong Kong, from where she is also seeking to reach Dubai.

In a very changing environment where information rubs shoulders with rumor and fake news, you have to be particularly careful. more items on the Journal du Coin throughout the day.

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