Galtier taken to task and heckled in public!

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The “land yacht gate” never leaves Christophe Galtier a single step. Yesterday, when he began his intervention on the stage of “Demain Le Sport” around the theme “how to make a team win? Invisible preparation”, the PSG coach was taken to task by an environmental activist who held up a sign “Climate in danger”, while adding “Galtier complicit”.

According to journalist Julien Froment, environmental activists even launched paper airplanes when Galtier arrived on the stage… Before seeing him leave the room, the PSG coach had time to slip in: “Don’t Don’t confuse perhaps misplaced humor with respect for the planet. I am very careful, I have just made a round trip by train to see my son who was having surgery. »

Galtier conducted his little investigation at PSG

“Thank you for the welcome”, then joked the PSG coach before developing his remarks on his management. “At PSG, we have world-class players, it is very important to constantly have a dialogue that is both collective and also individual with the players. I worked a lot upstream, as soon as my president told me that I was going to be a coach, ”he explained in particular.

“I read a lot of interviews, watched reports on each other to try to identify more precisely the personality of the group but also of each player,” he continued. “Then afterwards, there is the contact. I made sure to observe a lot and listen a lot. Little by little, I started to have exchanges either by game sector or individually to quickly take the temperature but also quickly explain to the group and the players what I expected of them. »

to summarize

Christophe Galtier risks regretting his joke on sand yachting for a while, on September 5, on the eve of PSG-Juventus in the Champions League (2-1). The Marseille technician still took it for his rank …

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