Gmail figured out how to make package deliveries easier

Gmail has just launched a new feature that allows you to track deliveries directly from your inbox.

Source: Pexels / Liza Summer

Open your emails on your smartphone, look for the right email, look for the link, open it, find another link behind the first one, open it in turn, check the arrival time, close the application. A few hours later, thinking that ” hey, it takes a bit all the same this delivery“. Recheck, reopen your emails, look for the right one… You are probably familiar with this somewhat infernal sequence. Well Gmail may have come up with an innovative solution.

The Californian giant’s email service introduces a new feature (only in the United States for now) that could quite simply revolutionize your use. It offers a simple view of package tracking and delivery information directly in the inbox.

Two display options

For this to work, the order will need to have a tracking number. Then Gmail will highlight the current delivery status, whether it’s in preparation, in transit, etc.

All of this will appear either directly on the delivery email or in a summary card at the top of the email. Google says this package tracking will be “available from most major US carriers” . We imagine that this will also be the case the day it happens in France. US users can already register byopt-infrom Gmail settings. We bet that the procedure should be the same.

Google plans to improve the feature in the coming months by adding a “delay» if necessary, while placing the email concerned at the top of your inbox to inform you.

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