Google Account privacy settings to change

Google Account privacy settings to change. The Google account is a personal tool that allows access to Google services through an email address and a password predefined by its owner. But many users are victims of hacking because they do not master the different methods to create their account. However, it is very important to change the privacy settings of your Google account.

Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication, commonly known as 2FA, is a very effective way to secure your Google account. In fact, 2FA allows you to protect your account even if someone manages to guess your password. This is a strong method that requires a second confirmation after inserting your password. It is highly recommended to access certain Google services and is also easy to activate. To do this you must:

  • Log in to the back office of your Google account;
  • Go to the office;
  • Click on “password and security”;
  • Then click on “TWO-FACTOR AUTHORIZATION” option;
  • Choose the A2F you want (via e-mail, SMS or by a third party)

Finally, just follow the instructions from the website to complete the process. From now on, you’ll receive a verification code (depending on which method you’ve chosen) every time you try to sign in to your Google Account.

Enable the “Enhanced Safe Browsing” feature in Chrome

Google Account Privacy Settings

The “Enhanced Safe Browsing” feature is a very important feature that helps you in the process of securing your Google Account. It is actually a mode that, once enabled, systematically warns you when you access a dangerous or unsecured website.

It allows you to avoid websites that may pose a threat to your account data. This feature sends you password leak alerts and tracks your Google activity.

Protect your Google activity with a password

Google activity is all the actions you take online. It also groups the websites you visit from your Google account. Protecting your Google history with a password is necessary if you value your online privacy. To do this you must:

  • Access the “my activity” page on Google;
  • Then select the option “manage the validation of my activity”
  • Click on “requires additional validation”;
  • Then click “save”;
  • Set a password;

In order to access your Google activity, a password will thus be requested each time. Anyone can’t see your Google history without this password.

Delete your Gmail without deleting your Google account

Gmail and Google accounts are linked. But there is a way to delete your Gmail account without deleting your Google account. To succeed in this manipulation, you must follow the below steps religiously.

  • You must log in to the back office on your Google account;
  • You go to the menu to click on “data and personalization”;
  • Click the “delete a service or your account” tab, then “delete a Google service”
  • Log in by entering your password;
  • On the page that appears, click the delete icon next to Gmail.

Because of this, your Gmail account will be deleted without your Google account being deleted. However, you can insert a recovery address in the account deletion process if you want to use it later.

Disable “OK google” history

Protect your Google activity with a password
Protect your Google activity with a password

The “OK Google” history is a voice command that allows you to interact with Google’s assistance. This command makes it easier for you to search on Google, but you can turn it off if you want. To do it :

  • Go to “Speech and Sound Activities”;
  • Then click “details” according to the command you want to disable (here it’s the “OK Google” command);
  • Click “delete” to exit.

Automatic deletion of your web and location history

Google web and location history permanently stores all the websites you have visited from your account. However, if you don’t like this retention, you can change your Google Account settings to automatically delete your web and location history through Google’s system improvements. To do it :

  • Go to your Google account;
  • Click on “data and personalization”;
  • Next, select the “web and app activity” tab;
  • Click on “manage history” and then on “choose to delete automatically”

With this option enabled, you no longer need to manually delete your Google history. It deletes itself according to the period you have defined (3 months or 18 months).

Remove a Google Account from Chrome

The Chrome browser is one of the most used search engines on Android and computers. It is through it that you can connect your Google account to do research or visit websites. But if you want, you can also remove your Google account from this browser. There is a very simple way to do this.

  • Sign in to your Google account;
  • Select the “data and privacy” tab.
  • Then go to the “your data and privacy settings” section
  • Click on “remove account from this device”
  • Follow the rest of the instructions to complete the removal of your Google account from the Chrome browser.

Manage apps linked to your Google Account

Google users have the ability to link their account to apps that request it. This makes it easier to create other accounts or access different services. There is also a maneuver to manage these applications if they are no longer in use.

  • First, go to your Google account settings;
  • Find and click on the “services” tab.
  • Then select “connected applications”

In this section you will find all the applications associated with your Google account. You therefore have the option to separate them from your account. You can also change the options that link your account to these apps.

Delete your data from a Google service

Google permanently stores these users’ data when they create their accounts. However, for personal reasons, you may decide to delete your data from a Google service. In this case, the deletion of your data takes place after a request. To do this you must:

  • Go to Google’s support page;
  • Select “start deletion request”
  • Complete the form that will be displayed to notify the data you wish to delete;
  • Finally, click “send”.
  • Once the request has been processed, your data will be deleted.
Delete your data from a Google service
Delete your data from a Google service

Set up your Google Account to be automatically deleted (or shared) when you die

After you die, no one can access your Google Account unless they know your password. But the Google service has made available a feature that allows you to automatically share or delete your account when you die. This is a very smart feature of Google that many users are not aware of. To activate it, follow the steps if after.

  • Access your account by clicking on your profile picture;
  • Then click on “account management”;
  • Select “learn more and access settings”;
  • You must then provide an e-mail address or telephone number that you will be informed of before Google begins the process;
  • You must also define a delay after which the process will be triggered;
  • Then fill out the form that appears;
  • Finally, click on “activate”;
  • If you want to share your data, you must define the person who will receive it;
  • If you want your account to be deleted, it will be deleted at the end of the period you have predefined.

Enabling this feature alerts people you’ve defined that you’ve stopped using your Google Account for a while. It will also help you automatically share your data or delete your account if you want.

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