Google Adds More Options To Manage Ad Assets And Extensions

Google has announced some new updates to Ads Manager that will give advertisers a broader view of their advertising resources and campaigns, and can help uncover new opportunities, based on new creative combinations, targeting tools, CTAs and more.

First, Google now refers to ‘ad extensions’ – like additional sitelinks, captions and images – as “ad assets,” which aligns the broader reach of Google’s new approach with your various add-ons.

And with the move to these being considered additional assets, Google is looking to make it easier to manage them, providing a broader overview of the assets you can include in your campaigns.

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As you can see here, sitelinks, for example, are now integrated more natively into the ad creation process, as opposed to extensions being added in a separate step.

According to Google (in English only:

“As you create assets and apply them to your campaign, the previewer automatically updates so you can see them in the context of your ad. Additionally, Google Ads will now recommend assets based on the campaign objective you’ve chosen. For example, if you selected “Prospects” as your campaign objective, we automatically recommend that you add a lead form asset.”

So essentially Google will now provide more help with adding resources, instead of having to manually assess what is best in each process.

Google also added a new ‘The Ads & Resources menu, where it will show statistics for all resources in your account, providing more context on what to include.

Google advertising resources

“You will see titles and descriptions in the ‘Assets’ table view, while the ‘Association’ table view will show resources such as Pictures and price. By reviewing associations, you’ll be able to see how your creative assets are performing at the account, campaign, and ad group level.

There’s also a new “Combinations” report, which will display sitelinks, captions, and images alongside your titles and descriptions, making it easier to examine your advertising approaches from a higher perspective.

Google ad combinations

In combination, the new reporting tools will provide much more oversight of your Google campaigns and their related elements, which could help uncover new opportunities and options to optimize your results.

Google says unified reports in the “Assets” page will be rolling out over the next few weeks for all campaign types that previously supported ad extensions, while the updated Combinations report will be rolling out “in the next months “.

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