Google and Meta get hit with record fines for illegally collecting personal data

SEOUL, Sept. 14 (Yonhap) — South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) on Wednesday imposed a combined fine of 100 billion won (about 72.2 million euros) on Google and Meta for collecting personal information without users’ consent and using it for personalized online advertisements and other purposes, officials said.

At the 15th plenary meeting, the committee approved a fine of 69.2 billion won (50 million euros) for Google and another of 30.8 billion won (22.2 million euros) for Meta . The fines mark the largest amount ever imposed for violations of privacy law.

After this imposition, both companies expressed regret. “We deeply regret the outcome of the PIPC review and plan to carefully review the committee’s decision,” Google said. “(The company) has done its best through continuous product updates to provide the best services and for the right to control user data. Google will continue to liaise with the PIPC for the protection of users’ personal information,” the company added.

“We respect the decision of the commission. However, we cannot agree with this decision and we will rigorously examine this case leaving all possibilities open, including a judgment by a court,” Meta said. “We believe that we comply with all relevant laws and work with client companies through legal procedures.”

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