Google announces great things for emojis

For the launch of Emoji 15.0 by Unicode, Google is taking the opportunity to present lots of new features specific to its ecosystem.

In the works for several months, the new emoji set with Emoji 15.0 was finalized by Unicode on Tuesday, September 13.

Google accompanies this launch with its own take on new emojis and noteworthy improvements.

The new emojis

The first announcement is the addition of new emoji in the Google and Android ecosystem. We will therefore soon find the new pink, blue and gray hearts, or the goose, the donkey and the face being shaken.

Among the emojis that we have a feeling to quickly become favorites, there are the two hands forming a “high five” or the wing emoji, allowing pigs to fly, while waiting for airports.

Animated and dancing emojis

The other great novelty is the addition of a collection of animated emojis. It’s hard to know if this new format will really be adopted since it’s specific to the Google ecosystem, but you should at least see them in Google Messages

Emoji 15, animations, personalization: Google announces beautiful things for emojis

Only some of the emojis were animated by Google teams. For the rest, we will have to wait and hope that the firm continues its approach.

More customization

Google emojis now use a new font format called COLRv1. It allows you to easily customize the colors of emojis.

Google gave the example of the duck emoji with different tints for the plumage.

To easily customize emojis, you will either have to use the Gboard keyboard on mobile, or use a very practical site providing access to the Emoji Kitchen.

Unfortunately, once personalized, these emojis are only images to be shared like stickers. They don’t integrate as well as emojis that are part of the Unicode standard.

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