Google Chrome for Android launches changes in its interface: these are the novelties

Google Chrome’s search bar is undergoing major design changes.

It’s not too common to see Google make major changes to the Chrome browser UI, mainly due to the platform’s huge user base. After all, changes to the app should be intuitive enough for everyone to get familiar with them as soon as possible.

However, from time to time we can find some changes in the browser interface. The latest arrival was discovered in version 105 of Chrome for Android, which has been available for users for a few weeks.

This is a change made in the so-called “Omnibox”, the search bar at the top of the browser, which allows you to search the Internet, as well as quickly access bookmarks and previously visited web pages, or directly access different sections of the browser.

google chrome icon

The new Google Chrome icon, introduced on the occasion of the arrival of version 100 of the application

Google revamps Chrome’s “Omnibox” on Android

The changes were discovered by the folks at 9to5Google, and as they confirmed, they can already be tested in the most recent version of Chrome Canary, corresponding to Chrome 108.

As can be seen in the screenshots shared, the new Omnibox format envisions the list of results that appear during a search, enclosed in cards with a darker background than the browser itself, making it easier the distinction between the different elements. The aesthetic follows the design lines of Google Material 3 with rounded corners and new icons.

The new design can already be activated using the experimental options menu or “flags” of Google Chrome, where you must activate the option called chrome://flags/#omnibox-modernize-visual-update.

How to Change Search Engine in Google Chrome for Android

After enabling this option and restarting the browser, it will be possible to see the changes. In this sense, Google clarifies that this adjustment corresponds to the first stage of the renewal of Omnibox, so we can expect many other novelties that will arrive over the weeks.

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