Google Chrome has bad news if you are still using these versions of Windows…

News hardware Google Chrome has bad news if you are still using these versions of Windows…

Google Chrome is the most popular search engine today. With an average of around 750 million users, Google’s software brings together many profiles, including those who still use Windows 7 or older versions. Unfortunately, Google has bad news for you…

Google Chrome updates will stop on Windows 7

It’s official, Google announces the end of Google Chrome for certain versions of Windows. For those who use Windows 7 and Windows 8.1you will not have for long since the American firm has declared the end of the follow-up of Google Chrome on these two operating systems.

Google Chrome plans to upgrade to version 110 in February 2023. On this occasion, the American company wishes to strengthen its troops on the monitoring of the search engine on recent operating systems, namely Windows 10 and 11. Obviously, users of older versions of the OS will still be able to access Google Chrome and all current features, but will be deprived of certain options and all those that will arrive after February 2023.

But why such a drastic change? Google says this is a performance issue, since the search engine is known to be very RAM intensive, and older operating systems are clearly not optimized for this. On the Microsoft side, the firm offered the latest update to Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, and plans the same for Windows 8 on February 10, 2023.

Even though some older PC users can’t upgrade to Windows 11 for free, Google and Microsoft will push customers to upgrade to new versions of Windows. The latest version, Windows 11, has already been present since 2021 on recent PCs and all those who have made the free transition between Windows 10 and 11.

Regarding Windows 10, the penultimate version, Microsoft provides service until 2025, from then on, you will have to upgrade to Windows 11 to take advantage of updates and new features.

What are the risks for Windows 7 users?

The question that arises is obviously to know what serious things could happen to users of Google Chrome on Windows 7 and 8.1.

When software that no longer updates is installed on your computer (or smartphone), you run a high risk of security breaches. Indeed, hackers jump at the chance to try to recover the personal data of users to resell them, and even steal the banking information of those who registered them. Google isn’t there to police anymore, and updates often bring more security updates than you might think.

When an update adds a new feature or bug fixes, the company always takes the opportunity to put a good big swipe on security. In the same context, if you continue to use an old operating system, and it is therefore no longer followed by Microsoft, you will run the same risks since the firm of Bill Gates will not be able to put your data in a safe place. thanks to updates.

Google and Microsoft will try at the end of the year to get you to Windows 10, or better, Windows 11, as soon as possible so as not to put you at unnecessary risk. If you are on Windows 10, you can update to Windows 11 for free from your update settings.

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