Google Cloud becomes Solana validator: SOL on a small cloud?

Crypto conquest – This is nothing new. Google Cloud announced it at the very beginning of 2022 with the formation of a special team focused on cryptocurrencies: the web giant 2 wants to conquer the blockchain. In a boom of great amplitude, GAFAM then created a new service: Blockchain NodeEngine. This service allows you to host blockchain nodes on the Google cloud. It first developed on the blockchain Ethereum to conquer now Solana. Logical continuation for some, attack to the very principles that enabled cryptocurrencies for others: whatever. Google Cloud intends to take its share of the crypto pie.

Google Cloud becomes a Solana validator: the SOL takes off

The news has – almost — been low-key this weekend. Google Cloud announced on Saturday, on his Twitter account, to become a Solana node validator in order to ” participate in the network and validate it “.

Google Cloud Announcement – ​​Source: Twitter

“Now that we got your attention…watch this: Google Cloud is running a validator Solana block production program to participate and validate the network. »

After this announcement, the FLOORnative cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain – whose course is often analyzed in your favorite duck – increased by 12%. He then descended from his cloud to reach the $34.86 at the time of writing these few lines.

The price of SOL was able to react to the announcement of Google Cloud.
SOL price soared with the announcement of Google Cloud on November 5 – Source: Journal du Coin

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2023: Solana goal

Google Cloud later revealed on its Twitter account that Solana’s data will be hosted on BigQuery (a cutting-edge data analytics service) starting next year. The goal? “Making the Solana developer ecosystem easier to access historical data.” The web giant 2 then tells us that this feature will be launched in the first quarter of 2023.

As a reminder, this desire to work with Solana is not new. Our colleagues from Decrypt also remind us of the words of Nalin MittalGoogle Web product manager, at the Breakpoint conference organized by Solana in Lisbon:

“We want it to be possible to run a Solana node in a single click and in a cost effective way”.

Google Cloud had already announced that it would extend its approach to several networks such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin and many others. On a small cloud, the approach of GAFAM questions all the same. It raises serious questions about the place of decentralization in the block validation system. What becomes of the fundamental principles of the philosophy of Satoshi Nakamoto, Founding Father of Bitcoin ? Some do not forget it. They even allow us, despite everything, to become a validator and participate fully in the life of a network anonymouslydecentralized and autonomous.

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