Google Designs a Really Weird Keyboard and We Like It [VIDÉO]

Engineers at Google Japan unveil a April fools out of season and introduce a new keyboard perfect for cramped or crowded desks.

After the cup-keyboard, Google Japan decided to reinvent the computer keyboard once again. The designers unveil the prototype of a Gboard keyboard whose keys are aligned in a single line, measuring 1650 mm long and 64 mm deep.

Thus, Google offers a solution to ultra-cluttered offices thanks to the filiform design of the Gboard keyboard. “A total of 17 panels (16 panels for installing keys and 1 circuit) are connected in a single straight line,” explains one of the engineers in the video showing the ingenuity of this gadget.

Google also thinks this version of the Gboard keyboard fixes a big problem with existing keyboards. “I often look for a key on a traditional keyboard, wondering where it is. With [le Gboard]it’s easy to know immediately that the 16e letter from the left is the ‘G’,” says Iitsuka Shuhei, senior UX engineer.

In addition, this kind of design would solve the worries that cat owners may encounter when working from home. Google claims that the shape of the keyboard is perfect, since sneaky felines won’t step on it, making this keyboard a perfect accessory for those who work from home.


These two engineers are now friends for life, thanks to the Gboard.

Google has other keyboard advantages as well. “If two people work on it in tandem, the speed of development is doubled and new friendships can also be formed”, mentions the narrator of the video.

The Gboard can also be used as a stick to turn off the light from afar, look for an object under the sofa, utensil rest, balance stick when walking on a slacklining 100 m in the air and even a stick for hiking in the forest.


Although the Gboard is not available for purchase, Google has shared the files needed for its design on GitHub, allowing those who believe in the idea to create their own Gboard.


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