Google finally displays notes corresponding to your smartphone and your country on the Play Store

The Google Play Store now relies on your smartphone model to show you more relevant ratings.

It therefore took more than a year for this to happen. Google has finally just adjusted the ratings of the Play Store according to your country and especially the smartphone you use. This new rating system, announced in August 2021, was scheduled for deployment at the beginning of 2022. Google, which has obviously accumulated a lot of delay in its planning, has just deployed its new rating system, on all devices.

Until now, Google’s Android application store displayed a score based on an overall average of the scores published by all users, all countries combined, and regardless of the device. Android applications can run on a wide variety of devices, the comments and average ratings displayed did not reflect the experience that some users may have had. An application working very well on a high-end terminal could, for example, be badly translated into another language, and lack fluidity on a configured device.


Now, when you go to the Play Store and tap on an app’s average rating, you’ll see a note about How ratings are calculated. She says that now, ratings are based on recent reviews from people in your area who use the same type of device as you “. The average rating displayed for an application may therefore vary from one device to another.

Different Ratings Google Play Store
© – On the left, the note from Google Lens displayed on a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, on the right the note displayed on a Pixel 4.

In addition, Google explains that all reviews and ratings published on the Play Store come from users with a validated Google account. By consulting the opinions of the same application on two terminals of different ranges, the comments displayed are therefore no longer identical as was the case before.

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