Google Goes From Hot To Not With Startup Headhunters – Information

Google employees have been popular recruits for tech founders for much of the past two decades. But that is changing.

Two years ago, Chris Johnson, founder of executive search firm Artisanal Talent, first realized that founders’ tastes were starting to change. Johnson thought a seasoned Google executive might be a good fit for a client looking to fill a combined chief product and technology role. But the CEO of the client, a unicorn tech company with over $100 million in revenue, disagreed.

“I would never hire someone who only spent their career at Google,” Johnson recalls. That sentiment caught Johnson off guard, given that his clientele, mostly private tech companies, had previously been keen on poaching Google. CEO thinking has since become more mainstream. These days, Johnson’s clients are hesitant to “take a bet” that candidates can “operate outside of Google”, he told The Information.

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