Google launches a new Chromecast HD at a bargain price

The new Google TV-based streaming device costs just 40 euros. Much cheaper than the original version, however, it has a big flaw: it is content with a 1080p resolution.

It sneaks out a bit and looks like two drops of water to the old model, but it is indeed a new Chromecast. Google is marketing from today a much cheaper version of the box that it inaugurated in 2020.

If the product is physically identical (to the nearest gram!), it still has a difference in weight: this version does not manage the 4K definition of modern televisions, and is satisfied with 1080p. It is also deprived of the management of Dolby Vision.

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As a reminder, this small device is not content, like the very first Chromecasts, to broadcast video content from your smartphone to the television. Simply plug it into the mains and a free HDMI port to benefit from a real OS, which is controlled by means of a very simple and very practical remote control, which also allows you to turn the TV on and off. .

A good way to connect your TV

You can therefore install your favorite streaming applications from the Play Store, which are all there, or almost: MyCanal, Netflix, Disney+, Plex, Amazon Prime Video, etc. But also “cast” with one click the content from a smartphone connected to the same Wi-Fi network. In short, it’s a real alternative to an aging box or a really cheap way to connect a screen.

We still have a great regret, even if, given the price of the device, it is hardly surprising. Google has not corrected the main flaw of the original Chromecast Google TV: its starving 8 GB storage capacity is insufficient, especially if you install many video streaming applications. Impossible, moreover, to store films or music there: it is a device of pure streaming.

The Chromecast 4K update, which deserves a faster processor and more storage, will wait, meanwhile. Google may benefit from its next conference hardware, scheduled for October 6, to announce it, but nothing is less certain.

The Chromecast HD is available on Google’s online store for 39.99 euros. The 4K version is also still available, for 69.99 euros.

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