Google Launches “About This Result” Menu in Its SERPs – SEO & Engine News

A year and a half after the United States, Google launched in France the “About this result” function in its SERPs, providing information (admittedly today very summary) on the source of information proposing the link. Hoping that the tool evolves very quickly to become really interesting…

It was announced in France for the end of the year, it now seems effective in France: the ” About this result » (About this result in English), launched in the English-speaking world in May 2021, appears to be available in the SERPs on our side of the Atlantic.

It is located at the level of the 3 vertical dots, to the right of the URL (or the name+URL on mobile), as shown here:

Appearance of the “About this result” function in the SERPs of Google France. Source: Abundance

And if you click on these 3 dots, a pop-up menu will appear with some information about the site in question:

“About this result” function for the Abondance website. Source: Abundance

“About this result” function for the Le Monde website. Source: Abundance

Well, it must be said that for the moment, the account is not there: the information is sibylline. Apart from some information on the date of the first crawl or the fact that the site is in HTTPS, or even a short Wikipedia summary if available, we are largely unsatisfied for the moment… We are clearly waiting for what makes the interest of this function across the Atlantic: degree of dissemination of a source, online reviews of this source or company, the fact that the company is owned by another entity, or even when the engine’s algorithms cannot find a lot of information on a source, which is also important data in itself.

In fact, the system in France currently looks like it did when it was launched in the United States in May 2021, without the changes put in place since that date. As the tool is offered in beta version, one can imagine that it will quickly become more interesting. Because, for the moment, it is hard to see what we could draw from it as really constructive information… We bet that all this will evolve quickly… In any case, it’s online now…

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