Google Lens now makes it easier to find images on Google Search

Google is trying to push Google Lens and as a result has now integrated it into the Google homepage to help with visual searches. The feature is already part of Google Photos and Chrome, both on mobile and desktop.

The Google Lens option is now next to the voice search option on The announcement was made by Rajan Patel, Google’s vice president of engineering for search. This change seems important for Google Search, which “does not change often”.

By tapping the lens icon, you will be able to search for answers to image-based questions. You can drag an image or upload a file to start the search. An image URL also works. This will allow you to perform better searches directly from your PC.

I uploaded an image of the Pixel 7 Pro. Once the image was uploaded, I got a list of links to articles to learn more and even links to shopping sites to buy the Pixel 7 Pro (and even the Pixel 6/6 Pro which has the same look).

If the image contains text, it will be possible to translate it or get more information about the text. This feature is quite similar to Google Lens on Chrome for Android and iOS and if you use it often, Google Search integration will also be easy and smooth.

Nothing new but still interesting

Google Lens will also give you information about a scanned QR code, which again is accessible by Lens on other Google platforms. The feature is now available to everyone on the Google homepage.

Again, none of these features come as a surprise to anyone who has used Lens on Android or iOS, and some of them are even built into desktop operating systems like macOS. But for people whose systems don’t have these features, an easy-to-use version of Lens could be a very useful set of image tools.

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